About Us

Jointly funded by Inner Mongolia Lantai Industrial Co., Ltd. (82% investment) and Shandong Jinfengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. (18% investment), Alxa League Lanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was prepared to establish since June 2006, and officially registered in Alxa League Administration for Industry and Commerce in August 2007, with a registered capital of CNY 24.80 million.

Lanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the north of Alxa Economic Development Park in Inner Mongolia, with an area of about 25,056 square meters. Lanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. was completed and put into production in August 2007, and was spun off from Lantai Industrial Co., Ltd. in January 2018 to become an independent and self-operating enterprise. At present, our current business scope is the production and sales of Solid Sodium ethoxide, Liquid Sodium ethoxide, Trimethyl orthoformate, Solid Sodium methoxide and Liquid Sodium methoxide. Now, we annually can produce CNY 300 million of products, including 2,500 t/a of Solid Sodium ethoxide, 7,000 t/a of Trimethyl orthoformate and 4,500 t/a of Solid Sodium methoxide. Our products have successfully got the certificates of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 system, and our company also obtained the third-level enterprise certification of safety production standardization. Through the activity of "Smile Lanfeng", our company has created a harmonious corporate culture, attracted professional talents, and then established a professional and dedicated workforce.